Week 2 reflection

This week through the readings, lecture, and group activities we learned about various types of leadership styles. The articles I read talked about Laissez-faire leadership- one who wants the job done isn’t concerned with how its done. An autocratic leader is one who has absolute power, one who is involved in every detail and the one who makes all the decisions. A democratic leader is one who leads by majority vote and tries to do good by the majority. I liked reading about the influential and transitional leader who strives to motivate and inspire their people of influence to do good. They are also flexible in how they make their decisions and see that leadership demands growth and improvement just like any other position.

I enjoyed our team activity this week as we discussed several leaders. I asked the question to our team about what makes a leader. Is it the amount of people they influenced? Was it the goals they accomplished? Was it the time period in which they were influential? I also read that being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a position of higher ranking, its the ability to bring people together to accomplish goals. Its the ability to instill a vision into people in order to be successful as a group.

For myself, being a leader is being a friend. Its knowing each person and being able to help them reach their personal goals as well as help them see the vision of company goals. I’ve had several leaders in my personal and professional experience and the great leaders expect your best effort every day. They also inspire you, correct you, help you along the way, and give you confidence in your work and in approaching them with questions or concerns. I look forward to learning and growing as a leader or influential person.

JOHN MAXWELL's quote regarding the Leadership.

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