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I interviewed a Store Manager of a TJ MAXX in regards to the preparation and expectations for hiring interviews. The store manager is Tiffany Fernelius, yes she is my wife but given her position and how often she does hiring interviews of various positions, whether in management or entry level, she has a lot of experience. Here are the questions I asked:

  1. What is your process for selecting individuals to interview? I work closely with my District Manager. He does some research on the potential candidates like their work history, how long they have been in a particular position, what professional accomplishments have they made. He is the first interview. From the interviews he performs, he recommends the top 3 that he feels are qualified and will be a good fit. I then go through my interview process with them by asking what positive results they have brought to their position or company. I also ask them some previously selected questions that will help me gauge their qualifications.
  2. What are important things you look for on a resume? Work history, positions held, credible references. One page resume, has to be neat and in order.
  3. How carefully do you review a resume before interviewing a candidate? I spend a few minutes looking over each resume before the interview to get familiar again with the candidate. Its important to me to help them feel comfortable and that I’ve done research on them as well.
  4. What are you looking for when you reach out to the interviewee’s references? Job description, team player, Can they lead and guide a team, punctuality with being on time to work and also for task deadlines. I also ask if the company they work for would rehire the candidate.
  5. Do you ask potential coworkers, HR, or other leadership to be in the interview with you? Occasionally, but I feel its important to involve my peers to get a different perspective and create a dialogue on who is the best candidate.
  6. Do you usually have a pretty good idea about whether or not you would like to hire an individual as soon as the interview is over? Yes, based on the questions and responses from the candidate I can usually tell if they will be a good fit for our team or not.
  7. Do you appreciate it when individuals follow up with you after an interview? No, after the interview I usually will let them know that they will hear from us by a certain day if we want to offer them a position. Although it shows interest, I am very busy with other responsibilities with my job.
  8. How long do your interviews last? Usually an hour. I feel that amount of time will help me adequately make a decision on if I would like to offer them a position or not.
  9. Are there any major red flags you keep an eye out for during an interview? If they seem distracted in the interview. If they can’t back up what they have said with examples in their professional history.
  10. How important is it to you that the interviewee ask you questions? What kind of questions do you hope they ask? I hope they know about and have done research about our company. I like to hear about growth opportunity questions, I tells me they want to be invested in their position and may want to stay around for growth and development.
  11. What qualities and skills do you look for in every interviewee? Good communication, motivated, has the ability to lead and influence others to achieve goals that fall in line with our company’s vision, can work well easily with the public and has good critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  12. What impresses you most about a potential employee? First impressions are important. If they can maintain eye contact, come dressed appropriately, and have a conversation with me that seems easy to have, then that is very impressive.


It was a good experience to interview a person outside of healthcare and realize that they look for similar qualities and attributes in future employees. I was also surprised by some of the answers that were given. I expected the manager to want a follow-up phone call but after an explanation, it made sense why it didn’t really matter. 

Summary- It was good practice this week to put used our questions from last week to get a better idea of how other management in different corporations value the interview process and what they look for when they are interview candidates.

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