Reflective Journal Week 5

This week I learned about how to do performance appraisals and deal with problematic employees. This is a big part of being a leader as those who work for you need consistent direction, motivation and feedback. Having frequent check-ins with workers helps them to know if they are being a productive employee. This is an opportunity to discuss organizational goals, unit goals, and personal goals with each employee and set the expectation for performance reviews. Check-ins help the employee know if they are on track or need to focus on areas of improvement. 

I feel like having consistent communication with your employees is crucial to correct management. It helps each worker feel at ease, knowing you will listen to and act on their concerns, and they will get feedback on how to improve. This method takes out any argument when it comes to performance appraisals. Workers will already know where they stand, what habits and skills they are good at, and also what they can focus on to improve. Working as teams to come up with questions was a good activity in order to perform a proper interview on someone who does performance appraisals and disciplinary action. I feel like the questions we came up with will help each of us get a better idea of how someone in that position goes about doing performance appraisals.

In my current position we interview with unit leadership once a quarter. I will take this time to ask for any feedback on improvements I can make and also ask how I can be a better team player. I will also continue to learn from my leaders and not how they handle crucial conversations with employees.

The material we covered this week was very beneficial. It has helped me realize how different a nurse leader has to think, what information they have to verify in order to go forward with any action, whether good or bad to correct or motivate each individual. I also realized how closely they have to work with HR personnel as a lot of the situations they have to take care of involve keeping HR in the loop or closely involved.

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