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Performance Appraisal Interview


I interviewed Rick Fernelius, a former supervisor at Stouffer’s.


  1. What criteria scale do you use for performance appraisals?

We had three scales: needs improvement, satisfactory, and above average.


  1. How long do your evaluations typically last?

The interview usually lasts 15-20 mimutes.


  1. Do you include peer evaluations? Why or why not?

No I didn’t. The team I have works around each other often and they report anything to me. We have a good sense of open communication so I don’t feel it’s necessary.


  1. How frequently do you hold performance appraisals?

The protocol for Stouffer’s is once a year. Now if something comes up its easier to address it and correct it then and allow the employee to change behavior.


  1. How do your performance appraisals tie into determining salary raises for your employees?

Appraisals tie directly into raises for employees. I follow a strict protocol from Nestle Corporation when it comes to the appraisal.


  1. Do you provide an opportunity for employees to express concerns about their performance or growth prior to beginning a formal evaluation?

Yes, I can informally meet with employees if anything is reported or I see a need for correcting anything.


  1. Do you feel like your current protocol for performance appraisals have led to stronger relationships between you and your employees?

No I don’t. Although I follow the protocol, I don’t see a stronger relationship coming from just that. 


  1. How do you organize your performance appraisals with so many employees?

Since my team is small, I only had to do three appraisals a year.


  1. What are some positive outcomes you see from conducting performance appraisals?

Part of appraisals is setting goals with these employees. I would help each of my teammates set goals and it was good to see these individuals grow within the company.


  1. Are there any negative outcomes you see from conducting performance appraisals?

Sometimes there are individuals who were unhappy with their appraisals. This would sometimes effect performance and I’d have to work extra hard to be a better support to the individual.


  1. What role does goal setting and accomplishment play when it comes to evaluating your employees’ performance?

Goal setting is very important to Nestle. We want to see people setting goals, stretching themselves, and improving year after year. There is always something we can work on.

  1. How do you handle under-performing or problematic employees?

It’s important to address a problem quickly. Meeting with the individual, possibly doing a write up, and forming a corrective action plan is how I would usually handle a meeting like this.

 It was interesting to see the differences and similarities between healthcare performance appraisals and the way they do it at this organization. Most of the elements were similar but I found it interesting how the policy for appraisals wanted people in each performance range. I’m not sure it is the same with healthcare but I found it interesting.

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