Firing/ Discipline interview

MC Martinez, Assistant Store Manager, TJ MAXX companies


  1. What is your process of steps to take before firing an employee?
    1. It depends on the infraction made. We have a certain process for firing and most times we give verbal warnings, two written warnings, then dismissal. In other, more severe instances, we will move straight to dismissal.
    2. If we suspect certain behavior like dishonesty and stealing is involved then we have to create a file documenting the behavior and create a case for dismissal. If this happens then we get in contact with our loss prevention manager to follow the case.


  1. Who else is involved during the firing process? 

Depending on the situation, we may have the store manager, myself, a person from HR, the loss prevention manager, or the district manager.


  1. How many steps are involved from first offense to dismissal?

Depends on the offense, it could be straight to dismissal or if we want to give the employee a chance to correct the behavior then usually we have at least three steps: verbal warning, written warning, written warning, then dismissal.


  1. What does your disciplinary plan usually look like?

Verbal warning, written warning, 2nd written warning, termination, or if you have three written warnings for behavior (even if they are separate issues) then it’s a termination.


  1. Do you collect anything from the employee before termination?

Name badge, associate discount card, any vacation is paid out and that week’s paycheck.


  1. Do you offer warnings before disciplinary action or dismissal is taken?

Yes, one verbal and two written warnings, unless the infraction falls into immediate termination.


  1. If disciplining or firing someone goes wrong, or the employee responds inappropriately, how would you handle that?

If we suspect that the employee may be violent, we try to think ahead and have other help present, whether it be the police or other management or HR.


  1. Do you give the employee an opportunity to “defend themselves”? Do you offer second chances based on what they say?

No, we call this whole process corrective action. We as management help the employee come up with an action plan and try to help them. After establishing a plan with an employee and getting their agreement to try to correct the behavior, if we still have issues then we move forward as described from previous questions.


  1. After firing an employee, how do your other employees typically respond?

If usually effects them in some way where these employees have been affected by this problematic employee. They are usually happier since we have handled the issue.


  1. After disciplinary action is taken or someone is fired, how do you motivate your other employees? How do you keep your other employees accountable?

We have an open door policy at our stores. If any employee has questions or issues, he or she is welcome to come in and discuss the issue with management. A lot of times this is how we are able to address problems with other employees. We don’t promote tattling but we do expect professional behavior.

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