Reflective Journal week 14

  1. What did you actually learn from the unit.

It was good to talk about various ways to motivate others. It was also helpful for me to think about what motivates me, what gets me up every day. I think the big thing that motivates me is that I want to provide for my family, I want to be successful, and I value consistency. I like having a consistent profession that will always allow me to work hard, grow and progress, and stretch me every day. If the work isn’t challenging then I may get bored and start to slack. I was surprised to learn that although everyone has different motivators, getting recognized truly helps people feel like a part of a team, wanted and needed.

  1. Discuss your feelings/experiences from the team activities? Did it change your opinion on the subject? If so, how? If not, why?

With the team activity we discussed several ideas to present to a CNO of a hospital to change up how we motivate each unit. Each person had great ideas and I feel that we were able to address several ways to motivate staff. Open door policy, employee recognition, more paid days off, food were among some of the ideas we discussed.

  1. How you will utilize the information learned in your nursing practice.

This was all great information to explore and discuss. I will keep this lesson in mind and most likely will use it to make suggestions in my own unit. I’ve learned from other leadership that if we focus on the people, the work will get done and things fall into place.

  1. Your personal feelings about the material covered.

I really like learning about how to motivate others. I know that by being a true friend, willing to help in any way, always helps relationships and more people feel comfortable with me. I also liked the idea of having open communication with others and establishing that type of culture.


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