Disc personality test

I just took the disc personality test. I was a little surprised by the results as a scored most in the influential category. I consider myself a friendly person that can get along with just about anyone. Because of being social, I can greatly influence those around me and make them feel more comfortable. I already knew I was a friendly guy but on other personality tests I normally end up even between the dominant and influential spectrum. I was surprised to read that influencers are not the greatest at completing tasks and sometimes miss details. I consider myself very task oriented but i can see how i miss details when i perform certain tasks. That is something that i will have to continue to work on throughout my career. Being influential is a good thing in leadership but I will have to learn other good traits to be a successful leader. 

Hello Everyone

Hi, My name is Danny Fernelius. I’m a recent ASN graduate, working as a nurse at Riverton hospital, and hammering out classes to complete my BSN degree. I’ve been a nurse for a year now, working at Riverton’s Med/Surg unit. I recently had the opportunity to apply for a position to cross train to be an ICU nurse at Riverton and fortunately for me I was accepted. I’m now working shifts at IMC in the Shock Trauma ICU. We cross train over there to get more exposure to critically ill patients. Although its hard work, its been a great experience to take on this new role. I look forward to continuing my education in college as well as on the worksite. 

I just celebrated 5 years of marriage with my wife and we have a 2 year old daughter that we adore very much. I enjoy many things outside of work such as the gym (its my healthy lifestyle routine), camping, hunting, fishing, shooting guns, spending time with my family and anything else that sounds fun. 

This reflective journal is just that, an opportunity for me to express my thoughts as I continue my education especially with the leadership class I’m currently taking. I’m sure I’ll mention a variety of things that i will experience over the next few months and i look forward to looking back on this and seeing the growth that I’ve made.